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Without its employees, a company would be just an empty building where nothing happens. That is why employees need to be properly appreciated, fully integrated among their colleagues and comprehensively informed about everything that is going on within the company. Only this can create a lively working environment and prosperous company. It is therefore no coincidence that Foxconn, a prominent manufacturer of electronic and computer components, chose “Live Foxconn” as the title of their employee magazine. It is not only for the people, but about the 600,000 people who work in the plants of this Taiwanese multinational corporation.

We started publishing Live Foxconn, currently the only internal communication channel of this company in the Czech Republic, in the middle of 2019. The magazine comes out quarterly in two different languages and consist of 32 pages. While the Czech version comes out in printed form, the English version is in electronic form only. The magazine provides information on daily corporate life at Foxconn – interesting awards, news, innovations, technological changes, CSR projects and in-depth personal stories. It shows its readers two worlds: the one beyond the plants in Pardubice and Kutná Hora and the more distant one through holiday or travel reports. The magazine also offers education opportunities and future prospects – only looking back into the past is not productive.

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    When we started our cooperation with COT Media, we wanted a major change in both the design and content of the magazine. The first issue we worked together on already fulfilled our wishes and got great feedback from our employees.
    Lenka Brychtová
    Chief Editor
    Live Foxconn