The on board magazine Leo Express is the ideal companion on journeys with the Leo Express transport company. Published quarterly, the magazine examines selected destinations, puts the spotlight on up and coming personalities, brings passengers up to date lifestyle topics and also offers advice on how to make your journey simpler, more pleasant and more enjoyable, all wrapped up in engaging , interesting package

Leo Express is a privately owned, multimodal transport group linking 200 locations across six European countries. The company operates trains in three countries (CZ, SK, PL), offering four classes on board: Premium, Business, Economy Plus and Economy. In July of 2018, the company launched rail services on the Prague Cracow route, thus becoming the very first commercial transport company on Poland’s railways. In December 2019, the company entered the regional transport market, with trains also calling at Wroclaw in Poland. Leo Express operates coaches in five countries (CZ, SK, PL, UA, A) with vehicles offering two classes: Economy and Business for more demanding clients.

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